Dwayne Johnson The Rock is in the sights of Marvel Studios


Dwayne Johnson The Rock is in the sights of Marvel Studios | .

Since he made his leap to the cinema with The Mummy 2Dwayne Johnson has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

And it seems that Marvel studios He has set his sights on the actor to swell the already well-numbered list of stars in his cinematic universe playing a character created specifically for him.

Although Johnson has participated in big franchises like Fast and Furious or Jumanji, at the moment his filmography does not include any superhero films.

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Although that will soon change thanks to his role as Black Adam for DC, and Netflix’s adaptation of the graphic novel. « Ball and Chain« , which will star opposite Emily Blunt.

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The imposing actor has long been linked to various characters in the Marvel Universe, although at the moment the paths of study and The rock have not crossed. But the rumors suggest that Kevin Feige wants Johnson to be part of the Marvel cast, and he could do it thanks to a completely original character, a new superhero that has not appeared in the comics.

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According to reports We Got This Covered, at Marvel, are eager for The Rock to join their superheroes. And if they couldn’t find the right character, they would develop one from scratch, a hero specifically designed with the actor in mind.

This could bring a bit of controversy among fans, since on the one hand Johnson is currently in the ranks of DC as Black Adam, Shazam’s enemy in the DCEU. And on the other hand, with so many good characters in the comics, making one exclusively for the actor could generate rejection among the most purist fandom.

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Currently the famous former wrestler and Hollywood actor He is the third most endorsed person to run for president in these elections, according to UK bookmakers so it would come as no surprise that he became the next President of the United States.

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