Henry Cavill Learned from Tom Cruise to do own Stunts on ‘The Witcher’ – Variety


On “The Witcher,” Henry Cavill tries to attempt most of his own stunts as Geralt of Rivia, the hero of the Netflix fantasy series based on author Andrzej Sapkowski’s books.

In a conversation for Variety‘s Actors on Actors issue, Cavill told Patrick Stewart why it was important for him to do that.

“For me, when it comes to stunts, I’ve always enjoyed doing the physical stuff,” Cavill said. “Working with Tom Cruise [on “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”] really helped — or maybe, in the eyes of the producers, made worse my enjoyment for stunts. I really want to do them now, and I think it’s an essential piece to the character. If an audience is watching Geralt on-screen, they must believe that it is me. If it’s not me, I feel like I’ve betrayed the character in some way, and so I try and do as much as a production will let me.”

Stewart, who played Professor X in the “X-Men” franchise, revealed his own reluctant to do stunts — dating back to an experience that he had on the London stage in 1972.

“I used to love doing stage fights, and then one day I didn’t,” Stewart said. “I worked with an actor in a production of ‘Coriolanus.’ I was playing Tullus Aufidius. There is a tradition in stage productions: When there are fights, you always put a substitute sword down. And the rule is, the sword breaks, you step apart. And the actor whose sword was broken would go to the nearest side of the stage, pick up the sword, come back and we will begin again.

“This particular night, this actor, his sword broke, he looked at the hilt in his hand and then he threw it at me,” Stewart said. “I ducked and it hit a member of the audience, and there was this howl — I mean the person was actually hurt. It was no fun. From that moment on, stage fighting became less and less attractive to me, because I was always afraid I would one day not duck fast enough, and I would get impaled.”

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