VICTON’s Han Seung Woo Shares His 2020 Goals, Plans To Release Self-Composed


VICTON’s Han Seung Woo sat down with Marie Claire Korea magazine to talk about his music, goals, what drives his ambition, and more!

Early this month, VICTON returned with “Mayday,” only three months after they made a comeback with “Howling” in March. Han Seung Woo spoke with Marie Claire about how the members all took part in creating their latest title track.

“Hanse and I wrote lyrics, and the choreography includes ideas from all of our members,” he explained. “All our members have been taking part in creating each of our albums, but this time we played a particularly active role. We didn’t hesitate to share our opinions even if it meant clashing with each other, so it was an intense process.”

When asked why the group seemed to be especially passionate during the production process for this single, Han Seung Woo replied, “VICTON debuted in 2016, but we started gaining attention toward the end of last year, and we got our first win on a music show through the song ‘Nostalgic Night.’ The response to our March single ‘Howling’ was also pretty good. I think that’s given us confidence and the momentum to try to keep it up.”

Han Seung Woo shared that the group wasn’t expecting to achieve anything in particular through this new release. “We just want to show that VICTON can do this kind of thing and that we’re steadily releasing music,” he said. “You’ll understand once you watch the music video, but this release is the starting point of VICTON’s new story. That’s the sole meaning behind it.”

When the interviewer said that they’ve heard that Han Seung Woo has composed many unreleased songs, he replied, “I’ve written a lot. There are songs like a comforting track, a dance song that would be fun and easy to listen to in the summer, and also a track I made while planning a sexy dance performance for it. They’re definitely better than the songs I’ve written in the past, so I want to share them soon, but I’m figuring out the best time.”

“I’ve tried a lot of different genres, but I particularly like R&B and hip hop,” he also said. “Lately I’ve been really into music by Lauv and ROLE MODEL.”

As Han Seung Woo is known for being skilled in many things including singing, rapping, composing, writing lyrics, and choreography, he was asked when he finds the time to do it all.

“I wonder that too,” replied Han Seung Woo. “My daily schedule lately is that I go to my studio in the morning and listen to music and practice singing. Then I open my composition program and write songs, and if I think of lyrics then I’ll add those.” He continued with a laugh, “If I get tired out while doing that then I’ll play a computer game for a bit. In the evening, I practice dancing. At night or in the early hours of the morning, I work on composing again. I’ve been working really hard for the past few months.”

When asked if he gets tired of spending every hour of the…

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