Which Robert Downey Jr. Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?


Robert Downey Jr. is a renowned actor thanks to a respected career and Marvel, but, based to your Zodiac sign, what Downey character would you be?

Robert Downey Jr. is a legendary actor and has built his career by bringing countless recognizable characters to life in film. He’s starred in rom-coms, biopics, dramas, and superhero films and has portrayed a wide variety of characters.

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Each Zodiac sign has a distinct personality that can be identified by the sign’s tendencies in a given situation and their general strengths and weaknesses. Robert Downey Jr.’s long list and variety of main characters can fit into each Zodiac sign. Here are some of Robert Downey Jr.’s most recognizable characters, sorted by the Zodiac signs they best represent.

12 Aquarius: Paul Avery – Zodiac (2007)

Robert Downey Jr and Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac

This film follows the true events of the Zodiac killer and the journalists and others who tried to solve the killer’s published manifestos. Paul Avery is a journalist and he’s temperamental, uncompromising, and incredibly aloof.

He’s original and independent…

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