Actress Margaux Brooke roasts Leo DiCaprio’s love life in Twitch stream


Actress Margaux Brooke has hilariously exposed Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life during a Twitch stream, explaining why it’s cooler now to have not dated the Oscar-winning actor.

Margaux Brooke is still relatively new to the world of Hollywood, with some appearances as Eloise in FX original series Legion and a flurry of TV and film appearances since.

It seems, though, that she already has some kind of opinion formed on universally-renowned heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio that transcends his abilities as an actor.

margaux brooke at santa monica pier
Twitter: MargauxBrooke

Brooke has been managing her time effectively between the acting world and the livestreaming world.

Aside from her acting career, however, Brooke has been trying to grow her presence as a livestreamer on Twitch, most recently joining the huge horde of players that find themselves dropping into Verdansk in Warzone everyday.

During a Just Chatting stream on Sunday, June 28, Margaux took a break from Warzone and was taking questions from her viewers, when the topic of DiCaprio came up.

“How do you feel about Leo only dating hot young models?” she was asked, immediately bursting into laughter at the comment.

Confirming that she had just been having that conversation with friends the day before, Brooke said: “We have so many friends that have dated Leo. Pretty much all of our blonde model friends have dated him. At this point, it’s almost cooler if you haven’t dated Leo because everyone has dated Leo.”

The news that Leo has had his fair share of dates isn’t exactly a shock to everyone, but based on what Brooke is saying, dating him might not be the exclusive accomplishment that many think it must be.

That said, he’s still one of the most famous people in the world – and we’re sure he still won’t be short on potential dates off the back of Brooke’s comments.

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