Brad Pitt’s If Beale Street Could Talk was screened at his private residence;


When a book gets adapted into a movie, it gives the reader a chance to witness a different version of his imagination. Several good books like the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings have been adapted into great movies. Another good book that was recently adapted as a movie was the 2018 romantic drama  If Beale Street Could Talk. This movie is based on the 1974 James Baldwin novel. The film features a young lady who tries to prove the innocence of her wrongly charged lover, who is also the father of her unborn child.

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The movie was produced by Plan B Entertainment- a production company owned by Brad Pitt. Several Brad Pitt movies have been produced by Plan B Entertainment like Moneyball and Troy. Here is some interesting trivia about the 2018 romantic drama- If Beale Street Could Talk:

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Trivia

1. The lead character Tish works at a perfume counter that displays the brand name- Deux Soeurs. In reality, Deux Soeurs is not a perfume brand. However, since Deux Soeurs, LLC is the copyright holder of the film, the directors decided to insert the name at the perfume counter.

2.      The director of the film, Barry Jenkins and cinematographer James Laxton took inspiration from the well-known photographer Roy DeCarava.

3.       Barry Jenkins studied sound engineering in film school. Hence, he was deeply involved in the sound editing and mixer re-recording department of the movie. These departments were handled by Onnalee Blank and Mathew Waters respectively.

4.      The first trailer of the movie was released on the birth anniversary of the late novelist James Baldwin. The celebrated novelist would have ideally completed 94 years of his age on this day.

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5.       The director of the film, Barry Jenkins filmed a part of the movie in St. Nicolas Avenue, New York. Surprisingly, Jenkins knew the area well since he lived in the corner on 145th Street for a long time.

6.       The title of the movie bears a reference to the 1916 W.C. Handy blues song Beale Street Blues. The song was a part of the Louis Armstrong album Louis Armstrong Plays W.C.

7.      Brad Pitt held a special screening of the film at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills.

If Beale Street Could Talk did extremely well at the box office. The film was also nominated in the category of Best Motion Picture Drama at the 76th Golden Globe Awards. Further, the National Board of review included the film in the category of Top 10 Films of 2018.

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