Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 halted in Venice, Italy due to Corona virus


The seventh installment on mind-blowing action series starring legendary actor Tom Cruise might get delayed than the expected date due to the health concerns during the shooting of the film.

The filmmakers announced that they would commence the production of the seventh installment this February from Venice, in Italy. And now the existing global epidemic, coronavirus has become the new barrier for the production of the film.

Coronavirus or the COVID-19 started hurting various communities across the globe since the first outbreak in Wuhan, China. And now, Italy has also been affected by the deadly virus that has taken almost 27,000 deaths worldwide. The Lombardy region of northern Italy is the worst affected area in the small Mediterranean coastline.

The region also includes Venice, the city that stands on around 100 small islands. And the filmmakers were looking forward to shooting the seventh installment of heart-rending thriller in the city for three weeks.

Paramount pictures suspended the further work on the production of the film after realizing that the disease has become prominent in the country. The production team was scheduled to stay there for three weeks before reportedly moving to another city in Italy, Rome, the capital in mid-March.

However, our beloved frontman from Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise wasn’t in the country. Only the production crew had landed, but now, they have been sent home.

Italy is the third most affected country in the world due to coronavirus after China, the country where the virus originated, and South Korea. The Italian officers have confirmed 300 infected cases and seven deaths in the country.

The local news outlet in the country reported that around 50,000 people are currently living under lockdown across ten towns in the northern region of Italy.

Mission Impossible 7 was previously scheduled to hit theatres on June 23, 2021. However, the filmmakers haven’t confirmed a new release date for the film. Possibly they would look how long the work would be affected by this disturbance and then decide the probable new release date.

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