Leonardo DiCaprio’s Anti-Paparazzi Getup Reaches New, Grim Reaper-esque Heights


Here’s a sentence that will not shock or surprise: Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone lunched at Nobu on Monday. We’ve established the man is a creature of habit, no matter the state of the world, and this lunch date is no different.

His outfit for the outing is classic Leo too. Oversized and dressed down. Wearing shorts long enough to cover his modesty (the knees). A hood over a hat for ultimate privacy. The only thing noticeably different from his usual paparazzi armor is the face mask, attached to protect himself and others from Covid. And yet that hood is doing more work than usual. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the global pandemic and the fact that California has broken its own record for cases with over 100,000 counted in L.A. County alone. I just can’t help seeing it. Please don’t be mad. It’s just that—well. He looks like the Grim Reaper. A little bit, no? Like a modern Grim Reaper. The costume brief for this movie was like “cool Grim Reaper, like he’s at a bar just hanging out, looking for some young schmuck to take, and it’s a pandemic; throw a mask on him.”

Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio is the Grim Reaper that this moment calls for. Like, he wears a mask under the hood as a kind of warning—that is, to remind all of the men out there that hey, you can be Mr. Responsible and still date the 23-year-old former stepdaughter of personal Italian hero Al Pacino (who also wears a mask). That’s something that these guys, who won’t wear masks because it makes them feel like less of a he-man bacon providers, might respond to, right? The Aviator himself is following CDC guidelines for himself and for others. He’s less of a “knock at the door to announce your time has come” reaper and more of the “Heed my warning, Mr. Scrooge” kind, where everyone lives well now because they’re a little wiser.

Anyway, don’t want to scare you! It was just a thought. It’s impossible to see DiCaprio in any of these pictures so mission accomplished on both the privacy front and protecting oneself from a deadly disease front. Pretty okay job on the the good role model front as well. Hope their meal was delicious.

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