Elon Musk Had Grimes Take a Fit Pic of Him and His “Boy” Kanye West’s Matching


Having more money than 60% of people on the planet combined doesn’t make you immune to the simple joys of life, like the thrill of twinning with your best friend by accident.

A thrill Elon Musk and Kanye West experienced first-hand on Wednesday, commemorating the moment with a fit pic the rapper then tweeted out to his 29 million fans. “When you go to your boys house and you’re both wearing orange,” the rapper wrote.

In the photo, Musk wears a black t-shirt with a photo of an orange printed on the chest, black jeans, and Yeezy 500 High Slate sneakers. While West opted for a camo-print tee under a neon orange fleece zip-up, black leather pants, and the Yeezy Quantum “Barium” basketball sneakers.

But the two billionaire buds weren’t alone in Musk’s mansion. In the reflection of the glass behind them, Musk’s girlfriend Grimes can be seen playing the role of street style photographer. She graciously took a quick break from tending to X AE A-XII, her first child with Musk, and selling her soul to snap the pic of her oft-controversial beau and the oft-controversial musician.

We’re looking forward to the inevitable forthcoming Yeezy flamethrowers and double-dates between these two celebrity power couples.

By Kanye West/Twitter

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Read More: Elon Musk Had Grimes Take a Fit Pic of Him and His “Boy” Kanye West’s Matching