Gambit, Rogue Fan Film Is All About Special Effects and Accents


A fan film titled “Play For Keeps” features Gambit entering a high-stakes poker game in order to save Rogue’s life.

A fan film titled “Play For Keeps” takes a darker look at the X-Men universe, particularly where Gambit is concerned.

The film opens with the Ragin’ Cajun pulling off a heist before he’s intercepted by Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik. Illyana takes Gambit to a poker game hosted by arms dealer Nicky Lonero (Eric Roberts) who he robbed years ago. To force Gambit into playing, Lonero has kidnapped Rogue and hooked her up to a machine that sends painful shocks coursing through her body if he uses his powers.

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Director Jensen Noen shows a deep love for the Marvel Universe, particularly its mutant corner. Nowhere is this more evident than with lead actor Nick Bateman, who portrays Gambit. Bateman nails Gambit’s accent, mannerisms and combat skills. Actors Ellen Hoffman and Anna Butkevych, meanwhile, also sound pitch-perfect as Rogue and Magik, respectively.

The visual effects are also top-notch, from beginning to end. When Gambit uses his powers, his eyes glow red in a…

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