So This Is Why He Thinks Tom Cruise Will Hit Him


Actor Jim Carrey is going to publish his new novel, which is a semi-autobiographical book called Memoirs And Misinformation. The star believes that he may be punched by Tom cruise once he is done with reading the novel. The new novel has been co-written with Dana Vachon. The novel is about Jim Carrey’s experiences in the Hollywood industry, and it has changed the facts in a fictional story kind. Jim Carrey revealed in an interview with The New York Times before its July publication that he and Dana had been working on this project from the last eight years.

About Jim Carrey’s Novel: Memoirs And Misinformation

The book tells the story of Jim Carrey that how he was finding the meaning in Hollywood years after achieving success in acting. In the novel, there is a fictionalized avatar of real stars that is Nicolas Cage, Anthony Hopkins, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Carrey explained the Times that to every actor mentioned in the book, he is also sending “a letter of explanation” to tell them and clarify that what he is trying to do in the book. According to Carrey, most of the actors featured in the book are those whom he admires greatly.

Jim Carrey thinks Tom Cruise may 'sock' him over his new book
Source: Yahoo News

Why He Thinks, Tom Cruise Will Punch Him?

Nicolas Cage, in the book’s version, is a dinosaur skull character who is Jim Carrey’s best friend in the fictional story. Carrey said that Cage encouraged the project and knew about the novel. Another featured fictionalized character in the book is Tom Cruise. He has been referred to as “Laser Jack Lighting” because of legal purposes. According to Carrey, he has done this as good fun, but he is not sure Cruise will love it or not. Carrey said in the interview that he knows Cruise, and he may sock him. He also added that he would take the beating as a piece of art, and he thinks Cruise is going to love it.

Carrey’s semi-autobiographical upcoming book Memoirs and Misinformation will be available for purchase from the 7th of this month, which is 7th July. The audio version of the book will also be available, which will carry the voice of Jeff Daniels.

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