10 DCEU Roles Absolutely Perfect for Robert Downey Junior


Robert Downey Junior has recently been linked to rumors for a new role he is trying to be roped in for in the DC Extended Universe.

The rumors started surfacing in February. While that went nowhere, we would like to do some fan-casting of our own here today.

So here are the roles that Robert Downey Jr could play in DCEU:

Blue Beetle

Ted Kord does not have any superpowers of his own. He instead relies on his genius-level intellect, his enormous resources (courtesy of a multi-billion dollar industry at his possession), and superior athleticism to get the job done.

Does that remind you of someone?

Ted Kord is a businessman in the day and a customized BB-Gun trotting vigilante in the night. Robert Downey Junior could play the role of Ted Kord and he would absolutely nail it.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold’s real name is Michael Jon Carter, an egotistical man who is always so full of himself.

He has a sharp tongue, always boasts about himself, and is a long time schemer. He is also known to be self-centered.

After he stole time travel technology for the future and traveled to the past to become a superhero, Michael Jon Carter actually had a change of heart.

He started to see the error of his ways and became a genuine human being who actually wanted to make a difference.

He is also one of the funniest and wittiest characters ever in the DC Universe. Booster Gold’s character development in the DC Universe is basically the same as that of Iron Man’s in the MCU.

Max Mercury

He is called the Zen Master of Speed for a reason. Max Mercury was the first human to ever tap into the extra-dimensional realm of energy called the Speed Force.

Many call Max Mercury the original Speedster. He has been an ally to many Speed Force Superheroes like the Flash and Johnny Quick.

Max Mercury is known to use the Speed Force to hop across timelines. He is also of a rather advanced age which, let’s get real here, coincides with the real age of Robert Downey Junior.

Max Mercury has been a mentor and father figure to Impulse aka Bart Allen, a popular DC Superhero. As Iron Man, he has already done the same for Spider-Man.

Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord is a powerful businessman who has the ability of extreme mind control. He is calculated and meticulous in each step he takes.

When Maxwell Lord was a child, his father – a wealthy businessman of equal stature was found dead in what was termed an apparent suicide.

It is later revealed that his father was killed. Maxwell has made it his life mission to become the most powerful person in the whole world.

Maxwell Lord is like an evil Tony Stark. We know Pedro Pascal is already playing the role in Wonder Woman 1984. But come on!!

The Spectre

The Spectre is the instrument of God’s Divine Wrath in the DC Universe. His mission is to unleash God’s Vengeance upon all evildoers. The most famous Avatar of the Spectre is Jim Corrigan.

The superhero known as the Spectre is one of the most powerful cosmic and magical forces in the DC Universe.

He has the power to…

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