The demanding routine of Brad Pitt to get back in shape


with Microsoft News, the athlete revealed the details and elements that were key at the time of working with the heartthrob.” data-reactid=”28″There are more demanding roles than others in terms of the body. And Brad Pitt knows requirements: has had several roles in the film, in which his physical state and his figure is often claimed to be of special importance. So the actor of the perfect features he had to add up to a lot, but a lot of physical exercise to achieve the body and the skills that some of the requested documents. One of the executives that the actor has managed to be at the height of Tyler Durden in fight club” (1999) and Mickey O’neil in “Snatch: pigs and diamonds” (2000), it was the famous a boxing trainer Joe Goossen. In a note with the News of Microsoft, the athlete revealed the details and elements that were key to the work time with the heartbeat.

Said Goossen, the actor was looking for him, in his gym of Ten Goose Boxing in Los Angeles, because he not only wanted to appear strong, but that he wanted to be. After the first lesson, where we talked about the cards that I was to interpret -especially O’neil, who needs to know how to give a good straight rights (strong enough to throw the opponent to the ground) – armed with a strategy. “The secret is to provide you with all the tools and teach you the basics. You need to have balance and finesse. You only get that by working the left hand and everything else as well. It was an intense program. I wanted to make him a fighter in full”, said the coach.

Pitt had never boxeado, for the training too, so that Goossen came up with a plan for five weeks to be ready. There were at least 2 hours per day and the coach had compassion, he said. Spent 20 years of those iconic that showed the actor in one of his most popular times, and Goossen has taken out from the box of memories of the training that prepared them for the conversion of the actor in a fighter. The routine was based on hypertrophy combined with cardio at a high intensity. For the film directed by Guy Ritchie, Pitt dropped his body fat by 5%, thanks to these exercises and a strict diet -which is based on the consumption of protein and certain supplements.

Brad Pitt in Snatch: pigs and diamonds

In addition to Joe Goossen has revealed that the exercises varies a muscle group is different every day, which has allowed him to make a full recovery to maximize muscle growth. The conference ended with a dose of cardio, which was ideal for “burning fat” without having to sacrifice “muscle”. Among the exercises that you have chosen the trainer to enhance Pitt: jump rope, hit the bag to warm up, and then follow the boxing, the double end, only a couple of minutes with the mitts approach, giving blows in the air (shadow boxing), among many others. The result was, as he said Goossen, much better than expected. He also said that about Brad keeps the most beautiful memories, also said in an interview…

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