The Story Behind Kim & Kylie’s Makeup Brands Suing Coty


The manufacturing company behind KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics is claiming that their investor, Coty, tried to steal trade secrets from the inside.

Earlier this year, Kylie inked a deal with Coty, selling them a 51% stake in her company. This made Coty the majority stakeholder, along with the now former owners, King Kylie. Coty is the parent company of brands like Sally Hansen and CoverGirl, and has been struggling to keep up with the appeal of KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics. Once they bought shares in the companies, Coty’s strategy was to market KKW Beauty to millennials, who grew up getting to know Kim, and Kylie Cosmetics to Gen Z-ers, who grew up with Kylie. Coty gained huge revenue for holding shares in Kylie Cosmetics, and is now part of KKW Beauty. Kylie Cosmetics cemented Kylie’s status as a beauty mogul, and Kim is set to become a billionaire soon through KKW Beauty. The half-sisters are standouts in the famous Kardashian family for their business savvy, and having the most Instagram followers. 

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