Here is something that Brad Pitt fans must surely know. Also those who are


How many of you all here have heard about this upcoming World War? Not the actual one with armies facing each other, but the one that is currently being made into a series of movies, or had to. Okay, so that goes by the complete name of World War Z. it is a brainchild of the most amazing directors and has the star cast, which shares quite a several awards and recognition between them. Care to learn and hear more? Well, follow what is written down here!

So, let us go!

David Fincher and Brad Pitt are working on an ambitious project that is called World War Z. Brad Pitt is also producing this venture. With that being said, let us now have a look at other aspects. What are they? However, back in February, six months back, the project was dubbed as canceled. Currently, Brad Pitt is promoting his new venture Ad Astra. Meanwhile, the World War sequel came up in conversation. So, in that conversation here is what Brad had to say about the project as well as his coworker David Fincher. Here is what he exclaimed on his and David’s collaboration, “Oh, What could have been!” David Fincher had done a lot of thinking for the plot and storyline of the show, but according to Brad Pitt’s words, the actor teased some original content from David that never came to be.

This act of his had made people more curious because Brad and Davis have worked on a couple of projects together before this came along. Some of their works are Fight Club, Se7en, Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All of which are pretty decent and well-appreciated works.

shortly after the initial release of and success of World War Z, in the year 2013, after it had become one of the best zombie based movies and the highest-grossing film of all time in that genre, here is what we got.

Paramount gave a green signal to the sequel, but this movie faced a lot of difficulties and setbacks. It was also officially canceled after the Chinese government banned any movies that belonged to this zombie, horror, or ghost category.
Off late, Brad Pitt has been keeping himself busy by starring in the movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood that is directed by Quentin Tarantino, and also an upcoming project titled Ad Astra.

Going forward, he plans to act in fewer projects from now on. Ad Astra releases on September 20th. Be sure to catch it.

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