Hollywood has got many talented music artists who have produced a good bunch of songs. They have never stepped back and always continued to entertain us. Some have made us smile, and some have made us cry. The songs have got a great variety of moods. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna are the top Hollywood singers who have received love from their fans for their songs. They have got songs ready for every mood. In fact, they have a good number of romantic love songs on their list too.

Taylor Swift, the American Hollywood country and pop singer has got a phenomenal voice. She is said to be one of the amazing music artists. Her songs have brought her 10 Grammy Awards to date. She has also got some good romantic songs on her list.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most talented singers of all time. She is one of the top singers of all time. She is mostly known for her dance hits. Jennifer has also got some really soothing romantic songs too.

Last but not the least, Rihanna, the Barbadian Hollywood music artist, has made the whole world vibe and groove over her songs. She has got a number of songs that have gone hit, globally. Rihanna has got a really powerful voice, that is enough to touch your heart. There is a good set of romantic love songs that are enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Who is your favorite one? Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, or Rihanna?

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