Will Reign Return to Now That Odette Annable’s Latest Project is Dead?


Odette Annable originated the villain fans loved to fear, Reign, on The CW’s Supergirl. The audience relished scenes featuring the formidable character, and they were sad to see her leave. But now that her latest project has been killed, some fans hope that Annable will return to Supergirl to reprise her role.

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Odette Annable co-starred in season 3 of ‘Supergirl’

Annable showcased her exceptional dramatic range during Supergirl Season 3 as the nurturing single mom, Samantha, and her mighty alter ego, Reign. As the Big Bad of the season, Reign was the Worldkiller who came very close to defeating Earth’s Kryptonian hero, Supergirl.

Samantha was an unsuspecting victim in Reign’s reign of terror – pun intended. The L-Corp exec suffered from blackouts and confusion, often waking up in strange places with no memory of what she had been up to. When brainiac Lena Luthor got wise to the situation at hand, she attempted to use her superpower of science to help her friend rid herself of Reign.

In the end, Supergirl — and her Super Friends — prevailed, Reign was vanquished, and Samantha was free. And to the dismay of fans, Annable did not return the following season.

Odette Annable and Chris Wood were tapped for an ABC show — until they weren’t

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Although fans were bummed that Annable did not return to Supergirl,
they were psyched when ABC announced that she would be returning to the
small screen in a new show. And many enthusiasts could barely contain their
excitement when they realized she would be reuniting with Supergirl alum,
Chris Wood.

Deadline dished that the two former castmates would portray siblings in a pilot for a sequel to the popular drama, thirtysomething, which aired in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. And the name of the show? Thirtysomething(else).

It was also Deadline that revealed that the Alphabet Net had
decided to pass on a series order of the show. While ABC did not give a definitive
explanation for the decision, sources claimed that there were several reasons
the network pulled the plug.

According to Deadline’s sources, there were budgetary
concerns due to the large ensemble cast of thirtysomething(else). It
also didn’t bode well for logistics that the production location was in Canada,
which is under quarantine. And ultimately, ABC lacked open slots in the 2020-2021
broadcast lineup.

Fans would happily welcome Odette Annable back as Reign on ‘Supergirl’

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It should be noted that the production studio behind thirtysomething(else)
is reportedly still trying to find a home for the series. But there is a
camp of fans who would love nothing more than for Annable to return to…

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