On Instagram, The Rock beats them all: it is rich in 2020


READ MORE Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the highest paid actor in the world, you still hit the Stars

Just to celebrate the success of the (social and economic), the actor has shared a video created by photographer and storyteller, Jon Brandon Cruz about a year ago, have been able to tell you for the life and the daily life of Dwayne Johnson-from the ring to the world of cinema, through the great love of his family,

In the second place of the ranking list is made up by the Funnel THING is a square, and Kylie Jenner, business woman and personality on american tv for nearly 23 years and has 183 million followers on Instagram, and sonny & cher to earn up to 986mila of $ 876mila euro) for each and every post to promote on social media sites. On the lowest step of the podium, it is not Cristiano Ronaldo, and for each post, which promotes gains, 889mila of $ 790mila the euro zone). He’s Kim Kardashian with a 858mila of $ 763mila of the euro), and then the stars of the musical firmament: and it was in the stars and stripes, such as ” Ariana Grand (758 million euros), Selena Gomez (754mila euro), Beyonce (704 thousand euros), Justin Bieber (664mila euro) and Taylor Swift (642 thousand euros).


Read More: On Instagram, The Rock beats them all: it is rich in 2020