When Leonardo DiCaprio revealed he’s had several ‘brushes with death’


Academy Award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is hands down one of the most talented Hollywood actors of his era. Starring in a plethora of blockbuster films including Romeo & Juliet, The Departed, and Revenant to name a few, DiCaprio catapulted to the A-lister status after his stellar performance in 1997’s cult classic Titanic. Taking up some dangerous sequels on the big screen, the Blood Diamonds actor has apparently survived multiple life-or-death situations in real-life too. 

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DiCaprio’s terrifying encounter with a predator 

In an interview with an American magazine, DiCaprio revealed that, over the years, he has had several brushes with death. The actor shared an instance when he had a hard time escaping a sharp-toothed predator. Elaborating more about the same, he revealed that a great white shark had jumped into his cage when he went diving in South Africa. He also revealed that half of the shark’s body was in his cage and it was snapping at him.

He shared how a shark jumped to grab a tuna and half of its body landed inside the cage with him. Furthermore, adding more to his terrifying experience, he said that the great white took five to six snaps while it was an arm’s length away from his head. He concluded saying, however, it flipped itself out again. 

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He’s had multiple deadly experiences midair as well

When the wing of his airplane blew up

DiCaprio has not only faced a disastrous circumstance in the water but has had some deadly experience in the air as well. During the same interview, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor shared a story of his flight to Russia wherein he witnessed an explosion in front of his eyes. Giving more details about the same, he shared how he was looking out at the wing of the airplane and the entire thing exploded in a fireball. He continued, they shut all the engines off for a few minutes, while they were just sitting there gliding with no sound whatsoever. He concluded saying they later had to do an emergency landing in JFK and expressed that it was a surreal experience for him. 

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When skydiving went wrong

The ace actor shared yet another airborne incident when his attempt at tandem skydiving got a little tangled up. Narrating the instance, the Revenant actor shared that they pulled the first chute but it was knotted up so his guide cut it free. He added explaining that they had another free fall for around 5-10 seconds when they did not even think about the second chute so he thought they were plummeting to death. However, he continued, the man pulled the second chute but it was knotted up as well while he kept shaking midair. After some time, his guide was…

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