Agents of SHIELD: After, Before Promo Released


In a promo for an upcoming Agents of SHIELD episode, an Inhuman foe very close to Daisy Johnson returns as they continue to travel through time.

As the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continue to move through the timeline of their own history to prevent further tampering by the Chronicoms, Daisy Johnson is about to reunite with a familiar face: her estranged mother Jiaying.

In the promo for “After, Before,” the team approaches Jiaying for help restoring Yo-Yo’s Inhuman powers, while Jiaying implores the operatives to help her deal with a threat that endangers all Inhumans. Notably, Daisy was born to Jiaying and Calvin Johnson in 1989. Resurrected by Calvin after she was vivisected by Hydra scientist Daniel Whitehall, Jiaying grew evil and was ultimately killed by her ex-husband to protect the human race in Season 2.

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Joining Jiaying is Gordon, another Inhuman who fought against the agents. He was part the Inhumans’ conflict against the agency and died by Mack’s hand. With Mack leading this mission to the Inhuman community years before they come to blows, the two may be up for their own uncomfortable reunion.

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