Leonardo DiCaprio : his liner landed on the plateau de nagui (French speacker) a


Each day All the world wants to take your placethe new guests of nagui (French speacker) the anecdotes more striking of the one from the other. Between this candidate that has been found to have spent an evening with Johnny Hallyday, the candidate who turned out to be a dead-ringer voice of nagui (French speacker), or even this woman “too naughty” who do not dare to register for the show, the host thought that I had seen it all. Until he meets Liberato ! Thursday, July 9, 2020, nagui (French speacker) was the candidate of switzerland on the plateau of France 2. And he was quite surprised to learn that Liberato has played the understudy of an actor of world famein a movie , so popular : Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit film by Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street. An extraordinary adventure, which was however the result of chance !

A scene was filmed in Geneva, with Jean Dujardin

It is true that the look at you, I say to myself that this is not a trick. You are much more beautiful than him. And I know all about you!” immediately replied nagui (French speacker) in the face of this new. Liberato, below, explains its history : “So it was really a stroke of luck, I was in the right time and the right place”begins the candidate, the comedian for the past 11 years. “I had been called to make up the numbers in a scenario in Geneva, in particular with Jean Dujardin. And the lining official of DiCaprio, who was to come to London…”he continued. Stunned, the host, the interrupts : Has a lining official ? Has a guy with him in the closet, what. Has YOUR siding. I like the idea !”exclaimed she. “So this is a actor that has the same size, the same build, the same hair cut… But your job is to replace in dos or in a car, not on the screen ?”request to Liberato. He agrees and continues : “The plane was delayed and we had to shoot the scene in Geneva. So with the police, it is necessary to block the streets, we can’t wait too long.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, naked in her dressing room ?

And it was then that a member of the team asks you to go to change. “Brings Me in the dressing room and I do not see that is out of the demand and of DiCaprio, the truth !revealed. Nagui (French speacker), crude humor, can’t help, but cutting back. So DiCaprio was at the side, naked, in the process of providing your outfit ?it was fun for the presenter. Obviously, this was not the case. Liberato tells himself, though, who have never seen the famous actor. “So I find myself with the suit from DiCaprio to make a lined silhouette, it’s supposed to be him in the car, but it is to mesays finally. In the fear, nagui (French speacker) answers : “Well, it’s great ! I am very proud of seeing that Liberato.”

But the facilitator seemed a little disappointed that your candidate did not meet Leonardo DiCaprio in person. Then I asked if there would be information about their physical. “I still took pictures, otherwise it tells me…

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