Leonardo DiCaprio does not reportedly date women over 25


Leonardo DiCaprio does not reportedly date women over 25

Leonardo DiCaprio only dates women with ages below 25.

Leonardo DiCaprio has seemingly yet to find his lifetime partner. At the age of 45, he has not tied the knot yet with anyone.

Since his emergence to fame, fans, as well as the media, have always found his love life as an interesting topic. Just recently, several netizens reportedly made a graph chart of his relationships in the last 20 years.

Based on the data, he dated eight women, including his latest, Camila Morrone. What has become more shocking, however, is that the chart shows that the actor seemingly prefers women with ages below 25.

Leonardo DiCaprio has since dated women below 25

Last year, a netizen drew a graph charting Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history, according to Insider. The graph reportedly went viral, particularly on Reddit. As stated, the data traces the actor’s age against the age of his girlfriends for the past two decades.

The publication said that the chart “cites” several British tabloids as its sources. In it, it also reportedly points out that the average age of his eight girlfriends from 1999 up to this day is 22.9.

The Inception actor is currently dating the model and actress, Camila Morrone. She just turned 23 last month.

The man to date before marriage

Reports then noted that his relationship with model Gisele Bündchen was the most normal. As stated, they are in the same age range. Leonardo DiCaprio was 24 while she was 18 when they first dated.

The relationship reportedly lasted for five years. A year after the split, though, Bündchen met her now-husband, Tom Brady.

Leo then went on to date the Israeli model, Bar Refaeli. She was 20 at that time. But, they also ended the relationship five years after. She tied the knot with Ade Ezra in 2015.

Following his split with the Israeli model, he went on to date Blake Lively, who was reportedly 23 years old at that time. The relationship, however, only lasted for months. She then moved on to meet her now-husband, Ryan Reynolds. 

From this narrative, it has appeared that Leonardo DiCaprio is the man to date before marriage, according to Cheat Sheet.

Is Kate Winslet the love of his life?

Many have concluded that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are in love with each other. As reported, this could be the reason why he has not tied the knot yet.

It is true, though, that Leo and Kate love each other. They have repeatedly shared it before the public. The Titanic actress even said that Leo is the love of her life, according to Grazia.

But, despite admitting that they love each other. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have emphasized that they are not lovers. As explained, they love each other as friends, which makes their relationship more significant than the rest.


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