Greenery, blue skies, and a red carpet



Last week, India in diplomatic and martial terms, justifiably, even as an example to the world, jacked up its defences on the northern border. There was in the backdrop some of the most advanced military devices, dubbed, but with no intention to display, for that was not the intention. It was to be rebuttal of a persistent tendency of nudging and invading., excavating long settled stories of claim of more land, when facts were otherwise.

The answer was bold, that the head of state should fly to such heights at the border. Yet it was subtle, by stamping on one’s own soil—something like standing on your own slot in hopscotch, but at an international level. That one fear, of a weaker defence repeated since 1962, probably as a larger psychological game of Pavlovian conditioning was unshackled. The bell and the loaf of meat were set part.

Good homework in picking up key allies had a role, a few who are the global masters of the game, and others who were feeling the heat, and still trying to work out if there was a connection between the bell and the meal. That confusion was instantly cleansed off their foggy minds.

Human instincts for fairness are the most powerful weapons on earth, when they come together. In times of an unprecedented pandemic taking close to a lac lives daily, that too from a country where the virus was first spotted, with no sure therapy, or vaccine, this was absolutely a global blunder in terms of world’s goodwill.

To double-up the argument, this was against a country who almost shooed away the Imperial Empire in the 1942 “Quit India Movement”, without firing a single shot. But on the human side, the victory was post-postponed, on the realization that asking for independence would strengthen another dictator, that was abhorrent, inhuman, inexcusable. Finally, freedom was granted five years later but not without premeditated hurdles, that a few countries have been persistently at war protecting their borders. On the positive side, this gave a shot in the arm to other human uprisings as King’s protest for equal rights for blacks, (that goodwill and genuine solidarity shown, may work well for the US campaigns) and later Nelson Mandela.

It is just as well the government has shifted its agenda on building India’s economy. At present, the GDP break-up, sector wise, is Services sector 54.%,, no 6 global ranking, industry, close to 30%, no.8 worldwide, and primary agriculture, fishing, and associated industry, 17.33%.(from previous 50%, 10 yeas back)

I started with “greenery” as with a predictably good monsoon, it is the only sector that shall show rise, between 3-4 %. It also gives employment to 50% of the population, in a 135 Cr democratic population. This only needs to be strengthened, because. In actual terms, the crop has increased, and the “kharif” sown now is also expected to enhance this year. The GDP figures are low, because of the pricing, (more take-home ,due to abolishment of the middle man, and a…

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