Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., a feast in the Chef Jon Favreau


The film returns tonight on Art, followed by the Delights of Tokyo.

After Iron Manyour suite and The Cowboys and Invaders, Jon Favreau it offers a moment of taste in 2014 Chiefthe comedy returns tonight to television. The director is also the head chef who leaves his job in a great restaurant, because the boss (Dustin Hoffman) not to leave him free to make the kitchen pleasing to him. It is then when he decides to revive his career, embarking on a truck-snack and goes back to his passion and to his family. If Favreau has the first role, were it not for the beautiful eyes Scarlett Johansson ? The actress was invited to the table of the director is not the only one : it is a casting three-star hotel that travels with Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo and Robert Downey Jr the menu. They all seem to be enjoying yourself in this trailer full of good humor, marked by the music pêchues and income more colorful and attractive than others.

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At its output, the writing of First however, it had been a little disappointed by the result : “Being bullied in their creativity, Carl Casper waiver of a great restaurant to open his food truck. At the end of the first act that leads to the kitchen, so it takes the route and film three bad addresses : the ubiquity of social networks mark the ringardise of the author, the road-movie, their laziness, and the reunion of father-son, by your lack of imagination. At the end of “Chef,” the hero of the gaze to move through a video produced by his son, in the model of ” One second per day “, or an express version of the history that has passed, it seems, in short, more digestible than the film itself.”

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