The Couples As Taylor Swift Songs


Taylor Swift has written some stellar love songs, and there’s one to fit each couple on Pretty Little Liars…

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is known for writing love songs and breakup songs about every relationship she has been in. And since she has been strumming these songs on her guitar for the last 15 years it’s easy to imagine that the couples of Pretty Little Liars could all find a song by this decade’s “Queen of Pop” to represent their relationship.

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With nearly 100 released songs, most of which are about love in one way or another, there’s plenty of songs to chose from that would embody each of the different couples from the show perfectly. So here are ten songs from Taylor Swift and the couples from Pretty Little Liars that perfectly personify them.

10 Lover- Hanna & Caleb

As they are one of two couples that finally ties the knot in the final season of Pretty Little Liars, this love song from Swift is perfect for Hanna and Caleb. The couple has gone through a lot and it’s easy to imagine that both of them would be happy to finally have their own home as a family, as both of them came from torn families and lonely childhoods. The line, “this is our house, we make the rules,” sounds like something the two would think, loving the fact that they finally have a home of their own. Also the line, “I swear to…

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