Why Steve Carell Sometimes Got ‘Frustrated’ with the Cast


When it comes to an ensemble cast, you’d be hard-pressed to find one as close-knit as that of The Office. After spending many years together, they formed a special bond. Though the show wrapped years ago, many of the cast members are still good friends today. Furthermore, they seem to look back on The Office with a sense of fondness. In fact, many of them cite that their time on the hit NBC show was one of the best times of their lives.

The Office cast
B.J. Novak, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, and Steve Carell | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

Though The Office ended over seven years ago, it has only gotten more popular thanks to streaming services. Even the cast seems to be more invested than ever before, with three cast members creating podcasts that center around the show. Though a reboot has not (and may never) be announced, almost all the cast members who have been asked about it say that they would love to participate.

Why Steve Carell got frustrated with The Office cast

But, just because the cast of The Office got along famously doesn’t mean that the didn’t get frustrated with each other at times. Funnily enough, however, the frustration usually had to do with humor. In an interview with Rolling Stone, John Krasinski (who plays Jim Halpert on the show) confessed that Steve Carell (Michael Scott) would occasionally get frustrated with his fellow castmates when they couldn’t stop themselves from laughing at his jokes.

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With a background in improv, Carell is a master of comedy. He would often spring downright hilarious things on his fellow actors causing them to break character and laugh. Naturally, when that happened, they had to do another take of the same shot. As Carell never thought he was as funny as everyone else did, he sometimes got frustrated that The Office cast couldn’t keep their laughter at bay.

Carell didn’t understand how funny he truly was

“Sometimes Steve would get frustrated when we couldn’t keep it together because he didn’t think he was as funny as we thought he was and also he’s more professional than all of us,” Krasinski revealed. The Office alum also shared that he was someone who broke character constantly because he couldn’t keep himself from laughing at some of Carell’s antics.

But, there was one cast member who seemed to be immune to breaking character, even when Carell was at his most hilarious. That person what none other than Oscar Nunez who played straight-laced, know-it-all, Oscar Martinez on the show. According to Ed Helms (who played Andy Bernard on The Office), Nunez even earned a reputation for being “unbreakable.”

‘The Office’ cast member who never broke character

“If you’ve ever watched Office outtakes, you know it can…

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