The 10 best James Hetfield guest appearances


Even though Metallica frontman James Hetfield frowned upon ex-bassist Jason Newsted indulging in various musical projects outside of the band, Papa Het himself is no stranger to lending his unmistakable roar to myriad releases over the years. Here’s 10 of the best…

10. Cali Hetfield – Crazy For You (2015)

Papa Het collaborating with his 16-year-old daughter on an Adele cover is sweetly heartwarming. This footage shows our Jaymz coming full circle, from the pimply shrieking teen of No Life ‘Til Leather to the proud dad of his own singing teen (albeit one with better skin) – but Metal Militia this ain’t.

9. Jim Martin – Disco Dust/Barsoap Hair (1997)

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