Did you know Leonardo moved his co-star to tears while filming scene in ‘Romeo +


Time and Again, Leonardo DiCaprio has managed to stun his fans with her performances in various movies. He starred in the film Romeo + Juliet along with actor Claire Danes, as Romeo and Juliet, respectively. The film was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic love story.

The film followed the story of two teenagers who fall in love with each other, despite being members of feuding families. While filming for a scene in the film, Leonardo DiCaprio nearly moved his co-star to tears, by his performance.

Read some interesting trivia of Romeo + Juliet below:

  • As per reports, the film’s hairstylist Aldo Signoretti was abducted by a few gang members and was threatened to pay a ransom amount of $300. The director of Romeo + Juliet Baz Luhrmann paid the amount.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Romeo in the film. While filming a scene, Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech was so good that it moved Claire Danes to tears. The moment the director yelled cut, Claire Danes smacked Leonardo DiCaprio on the arm and asked him not to make her cry because she was supposed to be comatose in the scene.
  • Claire Danes wore a wig throughout the film and for her underwater scenes in Romeo + Juliet, she wore a special aquatic wig.

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  • The Jesus statue seen in a scene that dominates Verona was actually created by a visual effect. In reality, it was just 2 feet.
  • Co-stars Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio initially did not get along well on set. While the former accused Leonardo Dicaprio of being immature, the latter accused her of being too serious.
  • Most of the sets seen in Romeo + Juliet were built from scratch, in order to make the film look unique. The Sycamore Grove and the huts on Verona Beach were actually destroyed by a hurricane while filming.
  • Claire Danes’ first day on set filming with Leonardo DiCaprio was a topless scene. This scene was when Romeo + Juliet spent their first night together.

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio fought with the makers to cast Claire Danes for the role of Juliet in the film. She impressed him with her line delivery and the fact that she was the only actor to look him straight in the eye.
  • Claire Danes were only three years older than the character that she played. It was her first-ever experience of performing Shakespeare.
  • Romeo + Juliet was the highest-grossing film of William Shakespeare’s adaptation.

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