From Taylor Swift’s publicist to Brad Pitt’s makeup artist, the right hand men


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Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were the careers of your favourite celebrities, who usually have massive teams behind them helping the everyday business of being a star run smoothly.

Though they normally shy away from the spotlight, the secret weapons of Hollywood’s elite occasionally nudge into interviews or pop up on the social media feeds of their famous clients.

Others have even been rewarded for their loyalty and given trusted roles in the A-lister’s spin-off businesses. Some even develop a large splinter following of their own – like Paris Hilton’s former wardrobe assistant Kim Kardashian.

So who are these (normally) invisible but crucial behind-the-scenes fixers? Here’s a few of the biggest.

Tree Paine, Taylor Swift’s publicist

Paine is never far from her client Swift and featured heavily in the singer’s documentary Miss Americana.

The former publicity VP of Warner Music Nashville joined Swift’s team on 2014 and has been an integral presence ever since, helping guide Swift through controversies, break-ups and very public bust-ups with the likes of Kanye West and Scooter Braun

The publicist, who in the past has called out “false” stories about her client on Twitter, was seen in the documentary drinking with Swift and helping her make her first political statement online.

Though Tree’s career has seen her work with Snoop Dogg at Interscope Records and Christian music artists at Warner, Swift is one of her biggest clients to date and the pair appear to have formed a close bond.

She’s married to Lance Paine, who works with Scott Brothers Global – the brand behind Property Brothers.

Jean Black, Brad Pitt’s make-up artist

Brad Pitt On Celebrity IOU

Black and Pitt have a relationship that has spanned three decades, which began when she worked with him on the 1990 film Cool World before he catapulted to fame.

Although she rarely speaks publicly about her friendship with Pitt, she told GQ they had done almost 30 films together and said they were “quite close” and “both loners.”

“To have travelled the world with him… It’s a whole life that I would never have thought possible. It’s pretty unusual for someone like Brad, or someone in that position, to be so loyal,” she said.

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“When I’m working with him I try to be as professional as possible, but it’s pretty obvious to people that he and I are quite close. He’s there for me and I’m there for him,” she explained.

Black, who won awards for her work with Pitt on films such as Se7en and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, has continued to work with him on his more recent projects including Ad…

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