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So many artists, so little time. Each week we review a handful of new albums (of all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie,” and talk about what metal is coming out. We post music news, track premieres, and more all day. In these concertless times, that includes daily livestreams and live concert videos we love. We publish a monthly playlist of some of our favorite tracks. Here’s a daily roundup with a bunch of interesting, newly released songs in one place…


Kanye has honored his late mother Donda on her birthday with a new song featuring Donda herself reciting lyrics form KRS-One’s “Sound of da Police.”


UK group The Go! Team are back with their first new music in two years. An album is due later this year but before they get into that, they’ll release infectious new single “Cookie Scene” in September via Memphis Industries. “The stripped back swinging percussion of ‘Iko Iko’ by the Dixie Cups and the loud crunchy shaker in Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ were both inspirations,” says Team leader Ian Parton, adding “I’ve always loved the way Bollywood or William Onyeabor songs would have random laser beams and electro toms popping up. I wanted to mix the street corner with the intergalactic, to take Detroit to outer space.”


Having released a string of terrific singles, UK artist Billy Nomates will release her self-titled debut album on August 7 via Invada (the label run by Porthead/Beak’s Geoff Barrow. She’s also just shared new single “Hippy Elite,” that somehow mixed postpunk elements with twangy country harmonies.


Australian band Thibault, which includes Nicole from ’90s cult band Minimum Chips plus members of Parsnip, release their debut album on September 4 and have just shared this groovy, organ-fueled single. As Stereolab’s Tim Gane put it, it’s “Beautiful baroque pop with a swish of European supernatural fairytale film music.” Nicole herself says “Drama” is about “the realisation that I was experiencing pretty intense levels of legit ‘drama’ in my life for a couple of years and it kind of became my new normal. I didn’t know if I was ever going to recover from it, but I did… I think! I mean now we have a global pandemic so there is that too, but at least it’s not something I had anything to do with for once.”


Austin duo Hovvdy released their third album, Heavy Lifter, last year, and now they’ve shared new single “Runner” which Charlie Martin says “draws from memories of my childhood in Dallas – the spirit of running around as a kid with an amount of freedom that would probably be considered unsafe nowadays. It also unpacks the dynamic of an absent parent who nonetheless gives good advice. We need both positive and negative influences in life, I think.”


Hoboken indie rock icons Yo La Tengo have finally joined…

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