Chris Jericho reveals Bruce Willis unexpectedly headbutted him during WWE match


WWE and the world of wrestling is an extremely popular world, and it’s often forgotten that movie stars who have made their name in Hollywood, can also be wrestling fans. One such huge star who is also a wrestling fan is none other than Bruce Willis. In a recent stream. Chris Jericho revealed the moment that he shared with The Rock and Bruce Willis on WWE, where Willis actually unexpectedly headbutted Chris Jericho during the match.

During his Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho was asked about a match that he had against The Rock in WWE, when they faced each other in Hawaii. While talking about the match, Chris Jericho revealed that this was also the moment that he had a rather memorable encounter with Die Hard and Fast and Furious franchise actor, Bruce Willis.

Chris Jericho reveals Bruce Willis headbutted him during WWE match against The Rock

Chris Jericho talked about the WWE match he had against The Rock in Honolulu. This was also the first time that The Rock had wrestled a WWE match in Honolulu after he grew up there.

Chris Jericho then went on to reveal that Bruce Willis was in the crowd and was supposed to punch or slap Chris Jericho. Instead, Bruce Willis lived up to his action film roots and headbutted Chris Jericho.

“If you asked The Rock about his favorite matches of all time, he always says that one of them is the match between him and I in Hawaii in Honolulu. The reason for that is because it was the first time he had ever wrestled in Honolulu and he grew up there when his grandfather Peter Maivia and his grandmother ran the territory there and I guess he grew up there for a while. Rocky Johnson, Rock’s dad, was also in the territory but [Rock] never got to wrestle there. When we had a match there in Hawaii with WWE, it was great. Actually, Bruce Willis was in the front row and he was filming a movie there and Rock came down there and we were fighting on the outside and somehow, Rock held my arms behind me and was waiting for Bruce to punch me or slap me and he kind of headbutted me. I was then like, ‘Hudson Hawk was shit.'” – h/t Fightful

Published 16 Jul 2020, 22:47 IST

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