Captain America And Other Avengers Honor Real-Life Hero


At press time, Evans, Ruffalo, Holland and Brie Larson — along with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), the Russo brothers, and DC actors Zachary Levi (Shazam!), Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises) — have all reached out to Bridger in response.

Perhaps the best was this video message from Evans, who promised to send Bridger a real Captain America shield as a gift:

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway wrote, “I’m not an Avenger, but I know a superhero when I see one. I can only hope I’m half as brave in my life as you are in yours, Bridger. Wishing you an easeful recovery, and many cool looking rocks. Hey @markruffalo, do you need a teammate??”

Ruffalo posted the following message to Bridger:

“Dear Bridger, I just read about what happened to you and I wanted to reach out to say this… People who put the well beings of others in front of themselves are the most heroic and thoughtful people I know. I truly respect and admire your courage and your heart. Real courage isn’t dominating people or fighting against people or walking around like a tough guy. Real courage is knowing what is right to do and doing it even when it might end up hurting you somehow. You are more of man than many, many I have seen or known. With Admiration… Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk/Professor)”

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