Could A Flop Film Starring Robert Downey Jr. Be 2020’s One Of Most Successful


The film industry has been devastated due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the theatres and cinema halls have been shut down since, March 2020. Although, this time is very insane for the industry. And as of July 18 evening, the death toll has touched nearly 143000 in the USA.

In this harsh times of the Pandemic, some films have done extremely well. one of them is Robert Downey jr’s Doolittle.

robert downey jr
robert downey jr

Strange Happening, Yet A Good Happening

considering the list of the successful movies of 2020 the list is quite strange. Where Bad Boys Of Life has secured the 1st position. Second is held by Sonic the Hedgehog. But the third one is the baffling one. As it is ranked by a massive flop, Doolittle. Which has got 5.6/10 ratings in IMDb and 14% Rotten tomatoes and 26% Metacritic?

It is a story about a man living in solitude. However, he was being accompanied by exotic animals near him. Along with that, lived his life by discussing stuff with the animals on a daily basis.

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Lost Money Still At Top

Although, this film ranking at the top third position seems like a misunderstanding. Or an error somewhere. As it lost a lot of money from Universal because and was a great flop. Contrary to the fact that now it is one of the top 3 movies to be ranked on the year’s overall Box Office.

Robert Downey

The fact that a lot of movies could not release. Due to the shutdown of the theatres. This made it’s way to the box office top ranks. Aur else it could be easily overcome by others.

This movie is not that bad. In fact, it’s good. The humour represented here is good. Although, those are been overshadowed by fart-based humour. Downey’s acting skills are grounded by the doctor’s sadness. However, there is no real hidden here. The actions, graphics and effects are not bad. But overall, they were up to the mark.

This movie includes,
Robert Downey Jr as Doctor Dolittle,
Tom Holland as Jip,
Emma Thompson as Polynesia,
Selena Gomez as Betsy,
Rami Malek as Chee-Chee,
John Cena as Yoshi,
And many other casts.

At the end of the day, this movie is worth the appreciation and love it has got from the fans and followers watching it.

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