Denzel Washington hilariously recreates iconic Training Day scene on NBA on TNT


Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington did his bit to motivate certain NBA teams that will be resuming practice this Friday. Washington hit us up with his iconic line from his highly-popular movie, “Training Day.”

The actor recently made an appearance with Shaquille O’Neal and company on NBA on TNT, and when Shaq requested Washington for the infamous “King Kong line,” the latter gladly obliged:

“Training Day,” which was released back in 2002, remains to be one of Washington’s most memorable films. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his epic performance in that movie, with c0-actor Ethan Hawke also being nominated for Best Supporting Actor. The film has become a cult classic, and lines as such the one above remains in the memory of more than a few folks.

The league recently pushed through with its initial plans to reopen practice facilities for certain teams. The same will be highly dependent on the social distancing measures implemented in each team’s respective cities and/or states. Unfortunately for other teams, until the shelter-at-home policy is eased in their city/state, they will be not be allowed to resume team practices.

As the country continues to battle the Corona virus pandemic, businesses are slowly resuming operations, mostly because they have no other choice. Tons of businesses have already closed down because of the months-long lockdown, and for others that were fortunate enough to stay afloat, the current circumstances are forcing them to reopen — in spite of the risks.

The same holds true for the NBA which employs thousands of employees every single day. Hopefully, the proper safety measures are enforced so as to help battle the spread of the virus.

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