The Rock Co-Signs Dolph Ziggler Becoming WWE Champion


WWE Champion Drew McIntyre takes on Dolph Ziggler at this Sunday’s The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. Ziggler gets to pick the stipulation for the match, but has already said he doesn’t plan on revealing it until the PPV.

Earlier today, WWE’s Instagram account showed a photo of Ziggler holding the WWE Title with the caption, “A glimpse into the future?” In the comments, The Rock gave his thoughts on Ziggler becoming champion once again.

“I’d co-sign this decision [one-hundred percent],” Rock wrote. “Talented dude and always has a spark in his presentations.”

It didn’t take long for McIntyre to see what Rock said and responded, “It doesn’t matter what you think.” A play on one of Rock’s signature lines.

The Rock has previously given big praise to McIntyre saying last July that McIntyre could be the next big WWE Superstar.

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