Billie Eilish’s Favorite Childhood Song Was A Taylor Swift Single


Billie Eilish has been a longtime fan of pop music. Before Eilish began making music of her own, she was a die-hard Belieber. In fact, her obsession with Justin Bieber was so ferocious that her parents nearly considered putting her in therapy. But the singer didn’t just listen to Bieber’s music. Eilish recently revealed her favorite song as a kid was “Picture To Burn,” which she only just found out is by Taylor Swift.

Eilish and her father, Patrick O’Connell, discussed Swift’s 2006 “Picture To Burn” in a recent episode of their new podcast, Me & Dad Radio. “I used to love this song when I was like 4, no, probably older than that. Probably like 6,” Eilish said before playing the track. O’Connell chimed in, pointing out the Swift’s music used to teeter between country and pop genres.

The singer agreed about Swift’s prior country sound, adding that she didn’t know who sang “Picture To Burn” until this past year: “It’s crazy. It’s very country. When I listen to it now, I’m like, wow. I totally didn’t realize how country this was. But I loved this song back then because I thought it was so bad-ass. I thought it was so cool and mean. I just loved it. I actually didn’t know it was Taylor Swift until this year. […] I didn’t understand at all what a ‘picture to burn’ meant. The only word of ‘burn’ that I knew, that I thought that she meant, was like when you burn a CD.”

Listen to Eilish and her dad discuss Taylor Swift on their Me & Dad Radio podcast above.

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