The Fiend rules the swamp, Sasha Banks-Asuka ends in controversy


WWE’s Horror Show at Extreme Rules came to a fitting ending in the swamps ruled over by Bray Wyatt on Sunday night. After battling all over the property, through mud, fire pits, swamp ground and lakes, against doppelgangers, masked lackeys and mysterious specters of familiar friends, Wyatt’s “Fiend” persona emerged from the water having bested Braun Strowman, lit in red light, pleading to the world once more to, “Let me in.”

Through the best and worst of Sunday’s WWE pay-per-view, the company once again leaned into a cinematic approach for its main event. While it may not have had the impact or decisive ending of the Boneyard match at WrestleMania, it drove the story between Wyatt and Strowman forward in a way that other matches on the Extreme Rules card struggled to.

From the moment Strowman drove his truck up the driveway to Wyatt sitting in his rocking chair, it was clear there wasn’t going to be much in the way of a traditional match on tap for their confrontation in the swamp. Bray teleported away in the darkness, leaving an empty chair, and slid comfortably back into his swamp preacher persona.

Strowman was attacked by proxies dressed very similarly to the now departed (from WWE) Harper and Rowan, before being struck on the back by a shovel. In a twist, a dazed Strowman stared up at the Wyatt Family version of himself wearing a black sheep’s mask. A second blow, viewed from the audience’s perspective, knocked Strowman out for the first time.

It only got weirder from there. Strowman woke up chained to a rocking chair inside of a shed, surrounded by children’s toys and masks. Wyatt went on for several minutes talking about being a passive persona in his own body, watching everything through his eyes while being unable to move, pleading for Strowman to come back to his side.

He eventually had Strowman bitten by a snake, forcing a second blackout. Strowman woke up at fireside.

Wyatt’s replacement lackeys struck again, and one was lit on fire as Strowman laughed. A vision of Alexa Bliss appeared in the shadows, hidden behind a black veil. As flashbacks to the Mixed Match Challenge flashed before his (and the audience’s) eyes, the figure beckoned him into the mist, pleading for Strowman to come home.

From there, Wyatt charged out of the mist and Strowman chokeslammed him into a boat that may or may not have been reminiscent of a landmark on Matt Hardy’s compound. The brawl between Strowman and Wyatt went under the water, and eventually onto a dock. Strowman kicked Wyatt through a railing and back into the water, and as the end-of-show bug popped into the lower righthand corner, Strowman broke one of the cardinal rules of horror movies as he said, “It’s over.”

Wyatt popped back up, locked on the mandible claw and dragged Strowman into the water. Wyatt briefly surfaces, struggling to pull himself out of the water, but gets pulled back down again. The surface of the water is…

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