Actor Anthony Michael Hall Talks Summer Drive-In Film Festival, Movies


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When actor Anthony Michael Hall made a special, in-person appearance at EVO Entertainment in Schertz six months ago for a screening of his 1985 comedy The Breakfast Club, he hoped the success of the event could expand into a film festival that would feature a handful of his classic movies.

Then, COVID-19 began to spread, and everyone hit the pause button, including movie theaters. But Hall never forgot about his plans. So, when EVO converted its parking lot into a pop-up drive-in theater in late March, he and EVO CEO Mitch Roberts agreed that holding the film festival outdoors would bring out the most guests.

It turned out to be a good decision since Anthony Michael Hall’s Summer Drive-In Film Fest sold out its first three weekends. The next available weekend to purchase tickets is for the August 7-8 event when Hall will be joined by actor Robert Patrick for a screening of the 1991 sci-fi classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day and the 2017 dramedy War Machine, in which Hall stars alongside Brad Pitt.

The final weekend, August 14-15, is also not sold out yet. Hall will present two films featuring himself and Robert Downey Jr. – the 1994 comedy Hail Caesar, which Hall also directed, and the 1988 comedy Johnny Be Good, which was shot in San Antonio.

The Current caught up with Hall last week on the phone to talk about his childhood memories at the drive-in theater, the future of the film industry once COVID-19 is behind us and why he calls Johnny Be Good co-star Robert Downey, Jr. a “wiseass.”

What’s your earliest memory of going to the drive-in theater?

It was Jaws in the ’70s. I went with my grandfather. It freaked me the fuck out, especially when [the shark] ate Robert Shaw whole. That was a great flick. It was the experience as a kid going to the drive-in. In my opinion, it was even cooler than a movie theater.

There are only 305 permanent drive-in theaters operating in the United States today. Do you think drive-ins will eventually die out, or will nostalgia allow for a few to survive?

I think they will stand the…

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