Did Angelina Jolie Date Other Women Post Divorce With Brad Pitt?


Did Angelina Jolie Date Other Women Post Divorce With Brad Pitt?: It no secret that Angelina Jolie is openly Bisexual and has said that she’s ‘loved women.’ However, after she and Brad Pitt split up, reports say that the actress went on a dating spree with women.

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Back in 2016, Angelina filed for a divorce after being married for only two years. This news came off as a shock to many of us. Nonetheless, we have some other news on Angelina’s dating spree. Here’s what we know.

Back In The Game!

Rumours say that the 45-year-old Jolie is going on a dating spree while dating both men and women. Sources say that Jolie is enjoying her casual dates and flings while her six children approve of her lifestyle.

Unfortunately, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of writing. However, last year, an unnamed source said that Jolie was more interested in the LGBTQ community, and two of the celebrities that Jolie is allegedly keeping an eye on are Kristen Stewert and Miley Cyrus.

Angelina Jolir and Bratt Pitt in the frame
Source: Daily Mail

Moreover, the source said:

“She has every intention of keeping her private life private, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. She wants to be ready in case she’s caught out with one of her new friends. And she doesn’t care so much about what the world thinks, more about the kids, and they’re all behind whatever makes her happy.”

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No Flings This Summer!

Despite the rumours and the unnamed sources, Jolie has never confirmed that she went on casual dates and flings. We believe everyone knows that Jolie hasn’t been in a relationship after her divorce to Brad.

However, during an interview, Angelina said:

“I just want to raise my children well. They’re all at those very special ages where you don’t want to miss a moment and get it right before they’re out in the world on their own and having to face it.”

Angelina and Brad at the cinema for peace gala 2012
Source: The Mercury News

Nonetheless, tabloids kept on saying that Jolie is attracted to women and has dated several after her divorce. But, these just seem to be a sleazy trick to get unwanted attention.

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The Messy Divorce

It’s no secret that Brangelina’s divorce was one of the messiest of all. The fans were devastated when Angelina filed for a divorce after just two years of marriage. But, Angelina said that she ‘lost herself’ during her time with Brad.

The couple split over ‘irreconcilable differences.’ Moreover, the couple is yet to finalize the divorce but has taken joint custody over their six children. But, Brangelina is not on good terms as Angelina states that Brad has turned their kids’ lives upside down.




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