Fans stunned as Tom Cruise lands helicopter on London golf course, hops out to


They thought they were in for a relaxing day of golf. Instead, they got an unexpected dose of Hollywood.

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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise — who’s been living in Britain amid the coronavirus pandemic and recently restarted production on the seventh film in his “Mission: Impossible” franchise — surprised fans when he landed his helicopter on a London golf course then hopped out and headed to the clubhouse for lunch during the weekend of July 18, The Sun reported.

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“Locals were amazed when Tom landed on the fairway,” a source told The Sun, which has photos.

Tom, a trained pilot, landed the black chopper next to the ninth hole and emerged wearing jeans, a dark sweater and a black face mask and carrying a black bag, the British tabloid reported. He then walked through some tall grass and had lunch in the Richmond Golf Club’s exclusive Grade-I listed clubhouse. While he was busy eating, The Sun reported, golfers and locals approached the helicopter to take selfies.

Tom Cruise wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

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Tom Cruise

Earlier in July, The Sun reported that Tom was seen flying the same helicopter above remote farmland in Oxfordshire, England. Tom’s also been seen practicing motocross stunts on a track created on a parcel of rented farmland in recent weeks. Britain has approved some projects to resume filming in the country as COVID-19 lockdowns have eased.

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Back in June, The Sun reported that as the global health crisis raged on, “M:I7” — which was slated to shoot back-to-back with “Mission: Impossible 8” — was set to resume filming under a creative new plan: Tom, fellow producers and director Christopher McQuarrie brainstormed an idea to build a village on a former U.K. military site, which would allow the cast and crew to not only start shooting again but avoid contracting the coronavirus, as they’d be in a bubble as they lived and worked at the location, away from outsiders.

It’s unclear if that happened, as Daily Mail has since reported that production on the franchise has resumed at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Hertfordshire, England.

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