Kevin Hart Trolls The Rock with ‘Stupid’ Action Movies Zing


Kevin Hart has had a varied career, going from supporting roles to stand up royalty, to lead in comedy movies. Now, Hart is stepping into the action genre with Die Hart, a Quibi series which follows the comedian, playing himself, as he trains to become a leading-man action star, by attending Action Star School, run by a not-quite-sane Ron Wilcox (John Travolta). The actor recently discussed the series alongside co-star Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays the role of rival student Jordan King. Hart could not resist dissing his bestie Dwayne Johnson when asked whether Hart was following the latter’s journey into action films territory.

“Not Dwayne Johnson-type of stuff, because those things are stupid. My things are gonna be a lot better. I lined up like 13 projects already, all action. One of them is called This Building Ain’t Mine. Another project is called I’m Not What You Think I Used To Be. It’s about robots. There’s another one called Spy I, Robot I. Smith Mr. And Mrs. Just working titles. Possible Mission. Don’t Train My Dog, I Got This.”

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In case people get the wrong idea, Kevin Hart and The Rock are very good friends in real life, but theirs is the type of friendship that consists of endless insults lobbed at each other during interviews and any social media interactions. In typical fashion, Hart’s disses were not limited to Johnson alone, as he also implied he was much more comfortable with the stunts in Die Hart than Emmanuel.

“We had an amazing team of stunt coordinators, and stuntmen, stuntwomen, and they all worked with Nathalie day in, day out, to get her to a place to where she felt comfortable. Now, me on the other hand, you’re talking about a guy that has raw, authentic talent and comfort within the space of action and stunts. So it was more of a show-up-and-go thing for me. Not a lot of stretching, just more of a muscle memory, because, you know, I’ve been here before. So we had to be patient with Nathalie and just wait. It was a process.”

For her part, Emmanuel took the ribbing in her stride. No stranger to action since her days on Game of Thrones, the actress praised the stunt team behind Die Hart for helping her do justice to her role.

“Our stunt coordinators were so amazing and incredible at teaching the choreography and everything. And I was so grateful for how my stunt double helped me and nurtured me in this process, but I really feel like I actually did a lot of it, too. I was learning choreography on the go at points, just because of how busy the schedule was. I feel like I stepped up and accepted the challenge.”

Die Hart will premiere its first three installments on Monday, July 20, with new chapters debuting every weekday until Wednesday, July 29, for a total of ten episodes so far. This news originated at Entertainment Weekly.

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