Tom Cruise & ‘Mission Impossible’ Aim To Shoot In Norway This Year – Deadline


Tom Cruise is hoping to return to Norway this year to film part of Mission: Impossible 7.

Cruise had a conversation on Saturday with Norway’s culture minister Abid Raja about filming in the country this fall. Raja tweeted that he is “hoping to get Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible back into Norway” and also released a short recording of his conversation with the actor.

“It’s a gorgeous country. I can’t wait to get back there,” said the actor in the clip. “I’m very excited, as is the whole crew, about coming back.”

Norway provided the backdrop for one of Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s most memorable scenes, in which Cruise scales a sheer cliff face. Preikestolen – or the Pulpit Rock, in English (pictured above) – is surrounded by mountain peaks with an impressive 600-metre drop into a fjord.

Raja told Norwegian website VG that Mission: Impossible 7 is aiming to shoot in north-western Norway, known for its spectacular fjords, mountains, waterfalls and rugged coastline. He also suggested that Mission: Impossible 8 (the two Christopher McQuarrie-directed films have been due to shoot back-to-back) should consider shooting in the country.

However, the Minister acknowledged that current coronavirus restrictions could pose a logistical challenge for the production, adding that he would discuss the film’s return with the government: “The coronavirus means that at the moment it is not possible to come to Norway in the same way as before,” he said. “We will have to discuss this in the government and make regulations for it before we give permission to film in Norway. We will abide by the rules and coronavirus restrictions. I will take my conversation with Cruise to the government.”

Norway currently asks arrivals from a number of non-EU countries – including the U.S. – to observe a 10-day quarantine period. However, Cruise has been in the UK in recent weeks for the re-start of production and much of the film’s crew is UK-based so this may not be such an issue. We have reached out to Paramount for comment.

The UK recently relaxed its quarantine rules for major incoming film and TV productions. Cruise discussed the film’s resumption in the UK with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden. The production also shot in Italy in early 2020.

Norway introduced detailed covid production protocols earlier this year. Among local productions to get back underway in the country are Fremantle-NRK drama series Exit.

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