Truth About All Those Rumors About Jessica Simpson’s Weight


Jessica Simpson’s Eating Habits Put Her Unborn Baby At Risk?

Back in January 2019, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid, Star, for insisting Jessica Simpson was putting her baby at risk by binge-eating during her pregnancy. At the time, the singer was pregnant with her third child, Birdie Mae Johnson, but the outlet purported Simpson was eating “out of control” which sparked “health concerns.” “She’s so big that some guess she’s gained 100 pounds during this pregnancy. Jessica is extremely sensitive about the way she looks, and yet she refuses to fight her cravings. Overeating has always been a problem for her, but it gets especially bad when she’s pregnant,” a supposed source told the outlet. The dubious insider even asserted Simpson was “begging” for an early C-section because she ignored the “warning signs” of how much weight she’d gain. We’re weren’t sure who this unnamed source was, but Gossip Cop spoke to a more reliable source, a spokesperson for Simpson, who assured us the singer was not overeating or facing any health issues.

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