28 Years with Selena Gomez: Jennifer Aniston’s fangirl to playing with toads;


Selena Gomez is an adorable goofball, which is something Selenators will unanimously agree upon. On her 28th birthday today, i.e. July 22, 2020, we give you five moments when the Look At Her Now singer’s cuteness stole the spotlight.

Unless you”re living under the rock, the name Selena Gomez has been heard by one and all! The multitalented lady became a household name as the rebellious teenager, Alex Russo, in Wizards of the Waverly Place and is now a chart-topping musician with a Hollywood career that boasts of films like Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers and The Dead Don’t Die. Speaking specifically about her music career, the singer made a successful comeback in 2020 with her ambitious album, Rare.

Not only did Rare peak at No. 1 on Billboard 200 but her heartbreaking ballad, Lose You To Love Me, earned Selena her first No. 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. While her professional accomplishments are countless, for Selenators, it’s their idol’s down-to-earth personality that they find the most endearing. Moreover, it’s also her goofy attitude that we can’t get enough of as Selena Gomez and cuteness are synonymous with each other. There have been several instances when the Look At Her Now singer stole the spotlight with her infectious adorableness.

To celebrate Selena Gomez’s 28th birthday today, i.e. July 22, 2020, here are five moments when Selena Gomez was an adorable goofball:

Boyfriend (Behind The Scenes)

Toads played a very important role in Selena’s experimental Boyfriend MV but that didn’t mean the singer wasn’t afraid of the amphibians. While trying to shoot the scenes, a mischievous toad kept jumping off of her hands that startled Gomez but eventually, she started playing around with the toad.

Fangirling over Jennifer Aniston

“Are you guys kidding me? Rachel [Green, Friends] was my life,” Selena gushed as she was interviewed by her favourite Friends star Jennifer Aniston. The two spoke about the iconic sitcom’s influence over the world while also recalling their first meeting together. Post her appearance, Gomez had written on Instagram, “Yesterday was so much fun!! @jenniferaniston has been such a huge figure in my life. I love her humor, her grace and her heart! Check out the interview where I’m gushing over her the whole time!” If we were to ever meet Selena Gomez, we’d probably faint!

Ellen DeGeneres scaring Selena Gomez twice

Selena has been scared on The Ellen Show quite a few times but our personal favourite is from this 2015 interview when Gomez was scared not once but twice as she spoke about being a part of Taylor Swift’s squad and going trick or treating with her sister Gracie (who was 2 at the time) as Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Selena’s scared expressions were extremely hilarious!

Eating spicy wIngs with Jimmy…

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