Every Episode In Season 1, Ranked (According To IMDb)


Ballers is an HBO Original, which focuses on the work that goes on behind the scenes at NFL, with much of the action based around the football players and their agents. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Spencer Strasmore (the protagonist of the story), the series, in all its glory, is a comedy sports drama.

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The first season of the show gives the fans an introduction to the variety of characters, starting with Spencer who works for Anderson Sports Management, under Joe Krutel. Haunted by his past in the sport, Spencer gives advice to newcomers, so that they don’t end up making the mistakes he did.

10 “Pilot” (7.5)

In the first episode of the series, the series begins on a sad note as Spencer visits a former NFL player’s funeral before heading over to the place where he works. His boss, Joe Krutel, wants Spencer to get more clients because he has friends in the game. Vernon, an up and coming football player, reaches out to Spencer for help, while Charles copes with the pressures of retiring from the sport. Ricky, now a veteran football player, needs to find a new team.

9 “Raise Up” (7.7)

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