Sherlock Holmes Or Sherlock? Robert Downey Or Benedict Cumberbatch? Who Was


We know that both Benedict, as well as Robert Downey, are best in their unique way. And even if all things considered I love and respect their performances. So the only way to judge them if compared is through the book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We can’t just randomly compare them and can be done by looking into the key aspects which the characters are missing.

Who is the better Sherlock?

It is varying preferences, as both have a series of their own and its merits. So Downey is following the period of homes while working, solving mysteries, and going through crab in the late with a victorian era, which was exactly mentioned in the book of Doyle. The author made a pipe-smoking detective in late 1887. So this 46 years old character is giving it another shot by playing the role in Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows by following a Sherlock Holmes 2009 hit with millions of grossed success worldwide.

On the other hand, Cumberbatch is a modern-day Sherlock whom we can see in the TV show Sherlock on Netflix. This show debuted last year in England and happened to return next year with an amazing another installment. He solves the crime and takes advantage of the latest technologies in doing them by including the internet as well as GPS ( our cool guy).

Sherlock born by Downey Jr. Is full of energy, lively personality, jittery, and hyperkinetic abilities. She is just so fast who talks walks and does things very fast and a wise man. While on the other hand, this modern-day Sherlock is quite comfortable with himself by practicing ju-jitsu and following a pattern of some spy movie character or hero.

It is outstanding to see Cumberbatch a 35-year-old star playing the role of modern-day Sherlock Holmes with contained style and amazing substance are a smarter and standoffish guy.

Who You Should Choose?

It’s your call but if I were forced like of course in this article to choose between both the Sherlocks I would rather pick Cumberbatch because he has that extraordinary azelastine texted performance giving series I think of himself. While we can’t deny the performance of Downey leaving us with some amazing, mechanical, and rough acting with all dressed up and being a gentleman living in the Victorian phase.

So Kumar Raj is scores and updated version with more dwelling detector abilities making everything relish and new by keeping us reminded about the place he belongs.

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